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Where Celebrations Comes To Life

Choosing Suite A at Mary Ellen’s for your next event means enjoying a thoughtfully crafted experience with a focus on every detail, from ambiance and cuisine to dedicated service and convenient amenities. It’s the perfect choice for creating unforgettable moments in a unique and inviting setting.











Enchanting Ambiance

Tasteful decor with customizable elements.

Soft, adjustable lighting for the perfect mood.

A warm color palette to match your event’s theme.

Versatile Space

Versatile space that adapts to event size and style.

Customizable seating arrangements to accommodate your specific needs.

Comfortable layout up to 50 guests to interact and enjoy the occasion.

Diverse and Delicious Cuisine

A menu curated by talented chefs with diverse options.

Customization to suit your preferences, from formal dinners to buffets.

Gourmet appetizers for mingling and palate-pleasing delights.

A culinary journey that exceeds expectations, leaving guests delighted.

Comprehensive Event Packages

A range of event packages available to suit different needs and budgets.

Inclusive options for catering, beverages, and additional services.

Streamlined event planning with package customization.

Convenient Location

Centrally located within Mary Ellen’s Restaurant for easy access.

Ample parking and accessible from multiple transportation options.

A prime location that guests will find convenient and welcoming.

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"Elevate your event to a new level of style and taste at Mary Ellen's Suite A Party Room. Unforgettable moments start here."

"For unforgettable events, choose Mary Ellen's Suite A. Where ambiance and excellence meet, memories are made."

"Transform your next event into an unforgettable experience. Mary Ellen's Suite A: where style meets celebration."

"Elevate your celebrations at Mary Ellen's Suite A. Choose style, choose Suite A, choose perfection."

Meet The Chef

Charles Phillips

In 2017, Charles Phillips started a food truck to honor his late mother, Mary Ellen. “I basically just started cooking her recipes just to kind of keep her thoughts and memories close and it kind of morphed into a food truck,” said Phillips.

Now he and his wife, Sunya Phillips serve family style dinner at their restaurant on 27th and Pioneers and operate their two food trucks as well as a private event room, helping even more people create amazing memories, surrounded by the memory of Mary Ellen.

Whether you’re dining at the restaurant for ‘family dinner’, spending the day or evening with friends, family or co-workers, or just attending an event and choosing Mary Ellens food truck, you can enjoy “Food For The Soul” and when you taste the food, you understand what that means.